Research and Development

T&T is continually developing new products or improving current solutions in the market. With our own completely new development of ISX (very large IS machine) we are always looking to the future with goals to improve the efficiency, quality in the production process and at the same time use much less electrical energy, compressed air, and help to improve also your carbon foot print. We take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest technologies.

To carry out all the necessary research and development, we have the latest equipment and software which is at the cutting edge.

For our mechanical developments, we count on a great human team who works with the CAD Software from Siemens called NX. New features and calculation programs help us to improve our speed, efficiency, and throughput for product development. It is a great software which accelerates the processes of design, engineering and manufacturing.

In terms of automation we program in a Siemens environment so as to offer our customers all they need. Siemens has a wide range of options and technologies and we have proven experience in this area. There are different options to cover the different and unique needs of each customer. Also in the field of interfaces we are fully prepared to exchange any data which are requested or to get and work with sensor inputs from other systems.

Having said all that, in terms of capacity, innovation, the latest generation of hardware/software, and our long term experience in glass, the results are new products, services and solutions for the container glass industry which do not typically exist today, or improve the current solutions significantly.