Professional Service, Container glass Expertise

Founded in 2015, T&T is an independent Engineering and Development company which supports the container glass industry with innovation, services, spare parts and support. Our reputation is steadily growing as a result of hard work, attention to detail, honesty and professionalism. From our point of view, nothing is more important than standing over our work - and we do so without question. All our engineers are totally familiar with industry requirements and continually update their skills to ensure they are totally au fait with changes in technology. All our equipment is state of the art, the result being that our solutions will ensure optimum performance levels once installed.

Services you can count on

T&T provides exceptional services which are both reliable and affordable. We will take care of your entire Project and Design from the complete design, project management, prototype building, manufacturing, testing, implementation and start-up of dedicated projects for the Container Glass Industry as well as the Automotive and Automation sectors.



Added value

A properly maintained machine is more reliable, lasts longer, and increases your quality standards and performance as a whole. IS manufacturers place specific maintenance standards and protocols for every model. Adhering to them is the best way to ensure your investment stays the course. Additionally, as an owner it is your responsibility to ensure those machines remain safe - routine overhauls / servicing and properly looking after your equipment takes care of that. Our maintenance services are here to help you operate in a safe and responsible working environment.

Much More than Mechanical Experience

With more than decades of experience under our belt, the engineers at T&T are able to take care of any problems you might have. We strive to provide the most reliable customer service and are proud of our ability to do so.