T&T as an independent consultant in the container glass industry

Since 2015 we support the industry with engineering solutions. Entirely new ideas, or improvements embedded in proven processes, will be put to practice by a professional, international and highly flexible team throughout all levels of the glass production.

Our team can handle all requests of innovative and technologically complex requirements in the container glass market. We have vast experience in container glass and we are used to work in a structured working process, very professional and highly motivated. From the idea, to planning, project kick off, controlling and monitoring, executing, and commissioning in time and within budget and quality.

Also, we can support you in improving your performance and efficiency! Operating primarily through Basic Audits in which the status quo of existing level of equipment, personnel, status of know how, problems existing and development plans for improvement will be analyzed. And thereafter findings and possible improvement will be presented to your team.

We provide optimal advice, particularly for the hot-end area of container glass plants and with questions regarding production processes such as BB, PB and NNPB. We can design, develop, and build any special equipment you might cannot get in the market to improve your process. Our employees are all very experienced professionals in a specific field and have a wide knowledge of the subject matter. We usually work as external consultants whose expertise is provided on a temporary basis. However, we can work as an internal consultant on long term base which would act within your organization on site.

By using our service, you will be able to access additional levels of expertise and know how which are might not available in house on a short-term basis. Moreover, you can control your expenditures on consulting services by only purchasing as much services as desired. Usually, our findings are presented in reports and presentations to the management.
We work as independent consultants. Many of our professionals also join networks or alliances that allow them to find collaborators and support based on the individual needs of each client.