Exhibited ISX at Glasstec

We welcomed our newest developed IS machine, ISX, and presented it to the glass world at Glasstec this last October 2018. Glass engineers had made a fuss over ISX as it is an extra large size IS machine, the biggest as of now in glass container industry. After a very successful exhibition, ISX is back now in Turnov, Czech Republic.



The ISX combines the comfort of a luxury IS machine model with the user friendliness and unique versatility expected of a modern IS machine. The largest and latest IS machine on the market brings a sensation to the market with many state of the art equipment features. Performance for large and small products from 0 – 400 mm in height in Single up to Quad GOB for every application.

The ISX 6 1/4” Triple GOB marks the fore front of our ongoing model offensive in the fully servo controlled IS machine segment. The ISX machines will be built at T&T Plant in Turnov in the Czech Republic and its market launch will be in 2019.

Updates on ISX are coming.

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